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Mock Interview Services

Interviews are the critical step between having a strong resume and landing a job. A mock interview is an individual session with an ATD Nebraska Interview Team member to help you prepare and strategize for future job interviews. Interviewing questions will be presented and you will be asked to respond, as in a real interview. You will be given constructive feedback regarding your interviewing style and how you responded to the questions.

The Mock Interview focuses on how well you know yourself and your past experiences, how well you know the Learning and Performance industry, and how well you can articulate your knowledge and what is on your resume. You get the most out of your Mock Interview if you treat it as you would an actual job interview.  As part of the mock interview service we can customize practice questions based on the job description of a specific job for which you are interviewing.

After the mock interview your ATD Nebraska Interview Team member will provide feedback to highlight any areas that they feel are relevant, including additional tips on how you can improve your performance and increase your chances of landing a new job. We will be critical in the evaluation as we want to point out areas for improvement.  For each listed weakness, we will provide a suggested method of improvement.  Our team members are experienced in interviewing. They are well versed in interviewing and know the questions that an HR manager, recruitment consultant or line manager would be asking you.

Request a mock interview by contacting the Director of Career Resources. Interviews may take two to three weeks to schedule.

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