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    • 28 Mar 2023
    • 25 Apr 2023
    • 5 sessions
    • Virtual Event - Zoom link provided the week prior to first class
    • 7

    An immersive skill building experience of engaging online training with practice and coaching. A program delivered entirely live online and time-spaced to accommodate busy schedules. Five, 2-hour live online sessions, designed to empower trainers to deliver virtual instructor-led training with confidence! Participants join a live online training world, participate in discussion, both on and offline, practice training online, explore and learn their platform, and create training materials ready for immediate use!

    Session 1 (Mar 28): Use Your Platform to Deliver Engaging Live Online Training Introductions, foundation for the program, and a demonstration of a model engaging live online training session delivered in your platform.
    • Define and discover engaging online training 
    • Overcome the challenges to engaging an online audience 
    • Manage the technical aspects necessary to deliver an effective learning experience
    Session 2 (Apr 4): Virtual Presentation Skills Sharpen the presentation skills necessary to masterfully inspire an engaging online event.
    • Sound like a radio star, keeping participants engaged 
    • Say messages with clarity of meaning and annunciation 
    • Show visuals and screen shares that excite an audience to action '
    Session 3 (Apr 11): Virtual Facilitation Skills Develop the unique facilitation skills required to ensure learning transfer in an online event.
    • Ask insightful questions to inspire thoughtful learning and reflection 
    • Listen to participant responses and learn to look for meaning even when it cannot be heard 
    • Coach participants to greater levels of learning and depth of understanding 
    Session 4 (Apr 18): Deliver Live Online, Part A – instructor assigned Deliver a portion of a live online event for feedback and coaching from the instructor and certificate peers.
    • Practice real time delivery of a portion of an assigned live online event • Receive coaching and feedback 
    • Create an action plan for future successful delivery of the selected live online event 
    Session 5  (Apr 25): Deliver Live Online, Part B – participant created Deliver a portion of a live online event for feedback and coaching from the instructor and certificate peers.
    • Practice real time delivery of a portion of the participant’s selected live online event 
    • Receive coaching and feedback 
    • Create an action plan for future successful delivery of the selected live online event 
    Included with registration:

     A Participant Manual

     A copy of Kassy LaBorie and Tom Stone’s book, Interact and Engage! 75+ Activities for Virtual Training, Meetings, and Webinars. (Registration 30 days in advance required)

     Example facilitator’s slides, slides and other materials which can be used as templates

     A Virtual Platform Checklist

     Coaching in the moment

     An online channel or discussion board using Padlet

     Practice time

     Feedback and action plan development

     Flexibility to adjust the program as the team needs

     A Credly Badge is earned which can be shared on your choice of social media


    • All online sessions are delivered using Zoom, but other platforms are discussed and supported. Please make sure you have downloaded and updated the Zoom Desktop Client for Meetings. Do not use the mobile application or the web browser version for this certification.
    • Participants attend the training from their own computer, their own desk, and their own audio connection.
    • Each online session is recorded and made available only to the candidates who participated in the live sessions for 30 days following the completion of the program.
    • Each participant has access to login and host their own virtual sessions, on their platform of choice, to apply the technical learning, and practice on their own, in between sessions.
    • Participants actively attend and complete assignments to earn the final certification.
    • If participants miss classes or request make up sessions, we will work together to determine the due dates and pricing associated with the additional training/coaching sessions required. Please note there is a $250 fee for makeup teach back sessions, which are also a requirement to earn the final certification.
    • 12 Apr 2023
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
    • Zoom link provided upon registration
    • 18

    How long should onboarding last? 4 weeks? 90 days? When designing an onboarding program we focus more on speed than stability. What if onboarding didn’t have an “exit day”? If we continue to leave new employees to figure the rest out on the job, then we continue to give learning an end date. Learn how you can take new hires from storming to performing with an everboarding strategy.

    Join Amber Watts, ATD Nebraska Chapter Past President, for this virtual session as she helps you:

    • Identify ways you can improve your current new employee learning strategy
    • Maximize your current 70-20-10 framework or implement one
    • Design an everboarding strategy with a mini-playbook, provided

    • 16 Apr 2023
    • 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
    • Midlands University, 11213 Davenport Street Omaha, Nebraska, 68154
    • 24

    Got a question about virtual training? Wanting additional support when creating engaging virtual training sessions?

    ATD Nebraska is pleased to announce an evening with Cindy Huggett. Cindy is the ATD celebrated author of books titled Virtual Training Tools and Templates and her newest release, The Facilitator's Guide to Immersive, Blended, and Hybrid Learning." Light snacks and refreshments to be provided.

    Cindy Huggett

    Cindy Huggett, CPTD, has vast experience in the virtual classroom: She’s the author of four books on virtual training. She’s a past member of ATD’s global Board of Directors. She partners with organizations, trainers and designers to create engaging virtual training with lasting learning impact. Based in Raleigh, NC, Cindy serves clients globally.

    Special thanks to Midlands University as our sponsor for the event.

    • 10 May 2023
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
    • Zoom link provided upon registration
    • 42

    2022 was a particularly nasty year for layoffs. It’s hard to focus on doing your best work when you worry your job might unexpectedly end. In this session, Brenda L. Peterson (The Layoff Lady) shares three core strategies for building career resilience. You’ll walk away with actionable steps you can take as you think through your personal career resilience plan. 

    Specifically, you'll learn to:

    • Identify main characteristics of career resilience.
    • List three high-level strategies for building career resilience.
    • Recognize conditions that might indicate a company might consider a reduction in force.
    • Think through aspects of your personal career resilience plan.

    About the Speaker

    Brenda L. Peterson is a learning and development leader with extensive experience in finance, healthcare, and technology startups. She’s also a seven-time layoff survivor, frequent job searcher, many-time hiring manager, educator, and writer. On her website, The Layoff Lady, Brenda waxes poetic on layoffs, job transitions, and career resilience. She also helps people in career transition through her work as a facilitator, presenter, and job search coach with The White Box Club®.

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