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Midlands University

HINZtime Virtual Assistance

When you need a little help in the office, but you're not ready to hire a permanent employee, consider partnering with HINZtime Virtual Assistance.

HINZtime Virtual Assistance is dedicated to quality work, affordable prices and total customer satisfaction, including utmost confidentiality.
If you require something not listed here, please contact us. If we are unable to provide the service, we'll find someone who does!

When you partner with HINZtime, you get professional contract business services by the hour, without having to provide office space, equipment, training, benefits or vacation time.  You don't even pay for breaks!

Next time you find yourself bogged down by time-consuming tasks, save time and money - partner with HINZtime and focus on the things you do best!

To Contact: 402.438.2253 or email

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