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2019 ELW Webinar Recordings

Did you miss one of our Employee Learning Week webinars? Maybe you attended AND liked it so much that you want to experience it all over again? Either way, you've come to the right place to watch the recordings!

December 02, 2019 - Mind-Blowing PowerPoint

December 03, 2019 - What Can Captivate Do?

Lots of new and renewing members from December and January! Thanks to the following members:

Tracy Allgood, Union Pacific Railroad

Alexia Arroyo, Hyatt Hotels and Resorts

Jill Banaszak, Mutual of Omaha

Jen Bartels, Mutual of Omaha

Stacy Braun, First National Bank of Omaha

Thad Call, Union Pacific Railroad

Pati Carr, Carson Group

Kathryn Ciurej, First National Bank of Omaha

Robb Clemans, Home Instead, Inc.

Barry Conley, Home Instead, Inc.

Tricia Danielsen, Meeting Tree Solutions

Carrie Davis, NTT Data Services

Mandi Dilling, Home Instead, Inc.

Heidi Dixon, Streck

Gretchen Finke Patras, GFP & Company, Inc.

Janelle Frizzell, Tyson

Gabrielle Gergen, BHJ USA

Amy Guyer, Mutual of Omaha

Doug Hayko, Hyatt Hotels and Resorts

Shelly Heenan, Kutak Rock

Kim Hurst, Methodist Best Care EAP

Amber Hutchinson, Mutual of Omaha

Jill Idelman, C & A Industries

Nikki Irish, Carson Group

Sara Janke, Union Pacific Railroad

Carrie Jensen, Union Pacific Railroad

Eric Johnson, Northeast Community College

Jaclyn Johnson, Hyatt Hotels and Resorts

Ericka Juno, Union Pacific Railroad

Meray Kim, Bank of the West

Nicole Koubek

Theresa LaMotte, Home Instead, Inc.

Ann Lorenzo, Union Pacific Railroad

Matt Mainelli, Home Instead, Inc.

Jacky Marino, Education

Bern Mendick, Union Pacific Railroad

Michael Merritt, HDR Inc

Greg Meyer, Omaha Steaks

Tammy Meyer, Union Pacific Railroad

Linda Money, Mutual of Omaha

Kami Morton, Hyatt Hotels and Resorts

Angie Newcomer, Home Instead, Inc.

Andrea O'Quin, Home Instead, Inc.

Laurie Owen, Home Instead, Inc.

Debbie Petru, Union Pacific Railroad

Veronica Ploetz, Union Pacific Railroad

Kent Porter, Union Pacific Railroad

Michaela Pulte, Mutual of Omaha

Caitlyn Rathfon, Hyatt Hotels and Resorts

Susan Richardson, Home Instead, Inc.

Stefanie Shanahan, Mutual of Omaha

Annie Smith, Union Pacific Railroad

Ashley Smith, First National Bank of Omaha

Kathleen Solomon, Home Instead, Inc.

Christine Stanczak, Creighton University

Matt Steele, Covetrus

Kristi Stewart, First National Bank of Omaha

Jan Stukenholtz, Union Pacific Railroad

Kendra Theobald, Carson Group

Kristi Thornton, West Gate Bank

Mikki Tighe, Right at Home

Jon Titus, Bellevue University

Melissa Turner, Home Instead, Inc.

DesriƩ Valdez, Union Pacific Railroad

Deanna Vansickel, Home Instead, Inc.

Danny Ventura, First National Bank of Omaha

Lydia White, Union Pacific Railroad

Kimberly Whiting, Union Pacific Railroad

Nicole Winkler, Mutual of Omaha

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